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Names, Jade. Mental health Survivor, Warrior turned Thriver. 

I am so happy you are here. They say the first step to a happier, healthier life is recognising the reality you don't want to entertain anymore and being in my world, is about taking that step, one moment at a time. 

Your mental health does not define you. Your condition does not define you. Your mind does not need to control your life, but rather YOU CAN control your mind, to in turn control your life & I am the living proof. 

So whether you think your 'too far gone', or the bullets loaded, or the disbelief is at an all-time peak, I am here to say: No Fucking More. 


I will fight for you, until you have the strength to fight for yourself, passing that light through the darkened minds to create a collective of stars so bright, society will burn their fucking eyes. 

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My Story

Insanity - is defined as someone who is mentally ill. No stereotypes, no shade, no negativity to a topic that needs to be fought for, a topic needing light brought upon it, a topic that is very real in society and one we all need to acknowledge is a problem needing to be fought for. ​

'Insanity' is my personal story of Mental Health, Heartbreak and the discovery of self-love. It’s the journey most of us travel at some point, or come across in our loved ones. I hope for it to be a story of inspiration, maybe you’ll even relate to me. It's the product of a 5-year sentence that I battled my way out of - open the first page and fall through my mind - through the galleys & swamps through to the glory of peace you'll find waiting for you too. 

I hope you will find through my words a way out, a spark that ignites a fire under you. We are all fighting a battle one way or another, this way you're not doing it alone. I hope for you to find solace and peace. To help you believe, in yourself. 

I urge you to come with me and be a part of a movement our generation has been riding. 

I will always be with you, one way or another.

Love and Light Always,


Jade xx

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