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Jade is a New Zealand born first-time author who shares her own experience of Mental Health and how she fought her way out of a battle with OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder). Jade spent many years in and out of the mental health system, hospitals and expressing herself to many, many therapists. The battle she fought is now displayed for you in what is only an act of Bravery - showing a side many choose to hide.

This story doesn’t just end with Mental Health, it is a time through her life when Mental Health met Love, Heartbreak and the discovery of what loving yourself first can do.


Living in Dunedin, surrounded by friends and family it is the perfect time to share the hidden book that has only been seen by Jade's eyes for 5 years & quote 'Even if this can help one person, I have succeed more than I ever thought I would'.


So dive into Jades own Insanity to Sanity, through a journey being presented more and more in our generation. Whether you are parent, friend or the one fighting yourself, Jade proves to you, you're not alone in this.


Happy Reading!

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