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The 'Insanity' Hoodie was created off the idea to end the bad stigma Mental Health has in today's society.


The idea is, if you wear your 'Insanity' Hoodie, you are a Mental Health Supporter. Whether being a mother or father, brother or sister, friend or cousin. The knowledge that others are supportive of Mental Health, creates a conversation and makes people feel less and less ashamed to speak out.


'Insanity' was my way of showing people my story. The depths I've personally sunk to and the road I use to get myself out. Now, It's your turn. It's your time to show people your Mental Health is nothing to be ashamed of, that we are warriors for fighting the biggest battle of all, that we are strong & powerful.


It's time to let the world know, Mental Health is REAL. & if we all work together, is something that can be helped, understood & never ever, thought on as negative.


So, feel snug & comfy in your new Hoodie whilst reminding the world, Insanity is in all of us & that's damn well okay.


Love & Light Jade x

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